Advanced training course

Living my life

Changing & unfolding my personality in light
Professionally, privately, at the right place
Systemic intensive training

Beeing authentic:Living according the spirit of the times

Old, non-functioning structures are collapsing worldwide. New things are emerging. Each individual is consciously or unconsciously in a process of adaptation and change. Body symptoms draw attention to unsolved issues. It is time to clarify in the personal context which old, stressful patterns have to be finally sorted out. Own potentials and abilities want to be recognized and lived.

More and more people are ambitious to get out of fixed, restrictive structures in order to live their lives in freedom and self-responsibility. Livetime dreams want to be realized. Showing old fears during this process in order to be finally withdrawn and released. Clarification processes create space for the new. Instead of powerlessness and dependence, something new can be set up powerfully and autonomously. If the mind was the basis of orientation for a long time, feeling and intuition now want to be included in all areas.

Decisions are made strongly with the heart. Boundless love heals wounds. Access to inner peace, calmness and serenity is found. They are an important source of strength and orientation. Everyone can feel: I find all the answers myself and am connected to everything. Life, the variety of possibilities are consciously captured, in the moment something new emerges. I am.

What does participation bring me?

Seeing clearly, standing powerfully, feeling connected, finding access to one`s own source, establishing contact with Mother Earth, reactivating old knowledge, deepening intuition, letting go of the old, getting to know one`s own life task, seeing one`s own path

Experiencing feelings, heart and mind in harmony, exploring the access and role of light, feeling one`s own strength and power, recognizing the meaning and role of personal responsibility, enjoying life, feeling oneself, being fulfilled, perceiving.

Peace, serenity, respect, being able to feel peace, being in the moment: I am.


Occupation - Vocation

Where do I come from and where do I want to go?
Taking the right place professionally and privately
Life tasks, abilities, talents. What wants to be lived and realized? Solving conflicts in the here and now
Arriving at the new rhythm of time
`Abundance & success
Feeling and using your own strength
Typical from the Bussiness world: Company successors, company structure/culture, Marketing, leadership style, being independent, change management....

Familiy- aunt sisters – Karma

Clarifying family systems & orders from ancestors
Let go of the old - Allow the new Solving karmic patterns, realizing your own `karma gallery

Houses, Places

Recording and clarifying local energies & Cleaning energetically

Body - Feelings

Understanding body messages
Clarifying traumas
What old patterns, beliefs prevent us from going on?
What am I afraid of?
Recognizing stressors - living joy

To be - fulfilled to live

Recognizing stressors - experiencing joy
Acting in harmony with heart and mind
Recognize your own value Feeling the ‚joie de vivre‘
Self-awareness: connection to one`s own source, power and strength Taking responsibility for yourself and your life.
Deciding autonomously
Beeing at the moment

Methodical contents

  • Family system, ancestors, (body) symptom constellations, organisation / professional life, property constellations
  • Methodological fineness for finding solutions (language, rituals, position in space)
  • Systemic clarification involving various levels: Traumata, Karma, energetic adhesions, local resonances
  • Consciously using one`s own potentials and abilities for working with people
  • Time quality: old, present, new•Material & Immaterial Heritage•Working style: Change heavy things in an attentive and light way
  • How can I clarify topics for myself?
  • New: Clarifying ancestral patterns in 7 generations
The participants set up by their own team. Process support for the participants: This deepens the access and confidence in the method. Your own horizon and freedom of action expands. Your own field of work becomes clearer. Solution processes are internalized. Accompaniment for others becomes possible.


The course is suitable for newcomers of the method, as well as for deepening the fineness of the systemic constellation work. There is plenty of room for your own clarification processes.Consultants, coaches, therapists, managers, executives, self-employed people, entrepreneurs, people interested in constellations about houses and places.Special talents and perception abilities are welcome.

Number of participants 15 Personen Date (1 or 2 years)

Introduction 2018

12.- 14.11.18      3 T Supervision / intensive exercises: Healty & clearly positioned

Course 1 2019

15 days including 3 days of supervision

25. - 27.3.2019 3 T part I
20. - 22.5.2019 3 T part II
22. - 24.7.2019 3T part III
23. - 25.9.2019 3T part IV

4. - 6.11.2019 Supervision / intensive exercises: Healty & clearly positioned

Course 2 2020

15 days including 3 days Supervision
The data will be still fixed.


Intensive course incl. 3 days Supervision 15 days 3. 600,- incl. MwSt. Participant fee without supervision 12 days 3. 000,- incl. MwSt. Participation on 30 days 6. 900,- incl. MwSt.

Course times

9.00 Uhr - 17.00 o‘clock (about 2 hours lunch break)


The seminar takes place in the beautiful Chiemgau (Bavaria), an area with special healing power, in our own built seminar house (5 minutes walk from the lake Chiemsee):

Seminarhaus Alex Am Seefeld 5, 83257 Gollenshausen


There are hotels, private and inexpensive guesthouses with view to the lake. A list of accommodations can be asked for. Gollenshausen can be reached by train (Prien) and bus..

Course leader

The course is conducted by Kristine Alex.

For 22 years she is a pioneer in transferring the constellationwork into differnet areas (e.g Business, Houses, body symptomes, awareness of new time energies) and trains people intenrationnally. She attaches particular importance to mindful and easy working with consideration of various solution levels under inclusion of the spirit of the time. She is a recommended teaching therapist/trainer of the DGfS and member of INFOSYON and ISCA.


Each participant receives a certificate of participation. This is a recognised continuing education course in System Constellations (DGfS).After completion of the further education (30 days), the participants can apply for recognition as System Constellators (DGfS) at the German Society for System Constellations (Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen) if they meet further requirements (see recognition criteria of the DGfS).

Curriculum -english.pdf
/ Curriculum according the German constellation association (DGfS)

Literature recommendations
(The books will be translated in english soon

Die Ordnungen des Erfolgs. Eine Einführung in die Organisationsaufstellung.Kristine Alex (geb. Erb), 2015 Verlagshaus Alex (davor Kösel Verlag) 4. Auflg.

(Orders of Success. An introduction in organizational constellation)

Orte erinnern sich. Häuser, Wohnungen und Plätze von Störungen befreien. Systemische Arbeit mit Energiefeldern. Kristine Alex. Verlagshaus Alex 2017 (Köselverlag als Hardcover 2007)

(Places remember. Cleaning houses, apartments and places from disturbances. Systemic work with energy fields.)

Mein Körper erinnert sich. Symptomaufstellungen lassen Gefühle sprechen. Kristine Alex. Verlagshaus Alex 2016, 3. Auflg.
(My body remembers. Symptom constellations let feelings speak.)