The Memory of places


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The Power of Palaces

Why do I feel strange in my apartment? Why is my
restaurant not attracting customers? Why are there so
many problems with the construction of my house?
Questions like these have made many people
wonder whether the places they’re living or
working in may have an effect on what is (or is not)
happening in their lives. The short answer: they do.
Why? Because places, spaces, and buildings hold
special energies.
With over 25 years of experience in systemic constellation
work, Kristine Alex uses the place constellation method
to investigate these questions on the energetic level
and uncover insights and answers. Her work has
brought to light a place’s unconscious field which stores
all the past events that have taken place in a house
or property. The place constellation method makes
this phenomenon visible and very often delivers fairly
specific insights and indicators on how to best resolve
the underlying issue. By releasing a place from its past
disturbances, its energy field becomes once again free
and unburdened for people in the present to live and
work in it harmoniously. The effect: construction projects
run smoothly, inheritance disputes are resolved, and an
overall sense of serenity and contentment sets in.