Creating Future (17.-19.10.22) online



Powerful & Healthy set up
15 days

Online Contellations offer the possibility to work with people from all over the world. Again and again, the depth with which solutions are revealed in this way surprises.

The course participants get to know the method and gain security and confidence in dealing with it.

Being clearly and powerfully positioned
and feeling centered is especially important when many things are changing on the outside.

Am I already ready to engage with the new spirit of the times, or do I still have to let go of the old? How can I approach new things with ease? How do I stay healthy? What do I want to realize professionally? Where is my place in this life? What brings me joy? Understanding: How does the new time tick?

We will find answers to these questions together during the 3 days.


• What do I want from the future?

• Discovering new things
• Solving traumatic & fearful things• Understanding "What makes the new times tick".• Private - professional: Clarify what is pending
• Desire for change
• Feeling global connectedness
• Being healthy• Clarify traumas & fears
• What does my environment reflect to me?
• Stable & powerfully positioned
• Heart, belly & mind in harmony
• Be aware of your own assets

Method of Online Constellations

In the last 2 years I have developed and deepened my way of online posting. Again and again I am amazed at the depth & happy to be connected in this way with people worldwide.•Get to know •Experience impact•Trust •Gain securityParticipants arrange to meet online to deepen the method in practice sessions.

Dates 2022

New dates for 2023 will be publishes soon
  • 20.-22.1.22.
  • 23.-25.3.22 21.,
  • 22+24.6.22
  • 17.-19.10.22
  •  5.-7.12.22

Fees 630,- * f. 3 days (single day 220,-*)

*Plus tax (Reduction can be asked for from participants corresponding the purchase power of a country)

Seminar location

Zoom Each participant receives a zoom link