The international Community

meets & Constellates 3.- 5.5.19 (Friday - Sunday)

Inviting the international constellation community to meet & constellate

Inspired by the wonderful atmosphere among the participants at the Isca Gathering in Lovran and by the strong wish to stay connected, I’d like to offer an international constellators meeting in my seminar-house in the South of Bavaria form Friday till Sunday on 3. - 5. May 2019.

This meeting will be combined with an English language workshop about body symptoms & places which will take place on 6.- May 2019.

You have the option to attend only the International Constellators Meeting or only my workshop or come for both.

To meet & constellate 3.-5. May 2019

A constellation gave me deeper insights in what should happen during our time together.

The main purpose will be:

By working together in the field, being connected and experiencing the healing space in light & love, we will get to know each other.

I will make myself available to guide the constellations. The topic will be decided together and we will pay attention to impulses for action in the field. There will be space for socializing and networking in the evenings.

can be

• My personal task in the world
• Discovering hidden potential
• Being connected with my strength
• Getting to know myself
• Using my own intuition & trusting the field
•„Feeling“ the right decisions
• Experiencing my place in the world & within the group of constellators

Everybody is welcome to bring his/her subjects.

Body symptoms & Places 6.- 7.5.2019 (Monday - Tuesday)

Body symptoms

Constellations show what needs to be taken to become well and to stay healthy.
If the own relationship to the body is clarified, messages of symptoms are understood, solutions become visible.

• How am I doing with my body?
• What is important to note that I stay healthy at work?
• Clarification of existing acute and chronic body symptoms (organs, nervous, lymphatic and endocrine system (glands),
musculoskeletal system, sensory organs, teeth ...)• Burn-on, burn-out, bore-out
• Work-life balance
• Which heritage do I carry in myself - what strengthens - what weakens?
• Karmic connection to body symptoms• Trauma resolution

Memories of Places

Constellations make visible the special forces in one place and allow to clarify fields of resonance
in order to live healthy, professional successful and happy in one place.

• Is there something to clarify in my place of residence?
• Does the business location support my business?
• What makes me sick, what is stressing me in this place?
• How does my apartment become a HOME?
• Inheritance conflicts over real estate
• Why is it difficult to sell / to find a house or flat?
• I want to arrive and feel good, healthiness and clearness in my home


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